How to quickly embed a Tweet in Notion

Notion allows you to embed a Tweet inside a page, it’s particularly useful if you want to bookmark an interesting thread that you saw on Twitter.

To embed a Tweet, Notion created a special block, just type /tweet on your Notion page and click on the Twitter badge.

Notion embed Tweet command

Then you will be able to paste a Tweet URL, and it will be automatically embedded on the page.

Embeded Tweet in Notion

Embed a Tweet in Notion from Twitter using Klippper

Klippper can make it easier for you to save a tweet in your Notion database by allowing you to do it without leaving Twitter.

So how does this work?

1 - Create a database in Notion to store tweets

Let’s name the database Tweet Bookmarks with a title and an URL. Then share the database with the Klippper extension.

Tweet Bookmarks database example

2 - Set up the form on the extension

Create a new form for the “Tweet Bookmarks” database with the page URL and title as the default value.

Tweet Bookmarks form in extension

3 - Save a tweet to Notion

Open the form and check the “Clip all page content” checkbox, then click on the save page button. If you are on a Tweet's page it will embed it directly in your Notion page!

Clip Tweet with Klippper

4 - Enjoy your saved Tweets!

Once you click save on the previous page, Klippper will create a new entry in your database and embed the Tweet automatically. In addition, if the Tweet contains an image, it will be set as the cover image of your page!

Tweet embeded in Notion