Save webpages to Notion in one click

Install the extension and fill your Notion databases from your browser without switching tabs!

Start saving webpages!

How to use Klippper


Save webpages

With the extension, save any web resource you want into your Notion workspace

Default values

Preconfigured your forms to get a page URL, title, description, icon and more automatically

Select images

Select multiple images from a site and save them directly into your Notion database

Add Notes

With the "notes" field, register important information, it will automatically be added to your Notion page

Sync with other computers

Configure your forms only once, just install the extension on your different computers

Duplicates detector

With an option on an URL field, you can avoid saving the same link twice in your database

Relation/User field

Fill your Relation and User fields directly in the extension

Save Highlights

Right-click on your text selection to add it to your page content. Works with webpages and PDFs!

Notion API

Klippper uses the official Notion API

Save Page content

Save the content of an article in your databases. Works also for tweets and Youtube videos



Create up to 3 forms to test the extension

$30 / Year

Pro Plan

Create unlimited forms

Frequently asked questions

How can I start using Klippper?

Right now Klippper is in Beta. Sign up to test the extension!

What kind of personal informations do you save?

We only save your account information to login and your preconfigured forms. We do not retain any information about what you save on the web.

What are the differences with "Save to Notion"?

Read the article comparing Klippper and "Save to Notinon"

How do you communicate with my Notion databases?

We are using the official Notion API .

How can I contact you?

Send us an email at if you have any questions or feedback!

Why is there three "P" in Klippper?

Because you are going to save a lot of Pages!